Why C?

There are three important aspects of any language so as C has :

  1. The way it stores data,
  2. The way it operates on this data and
  3. How the given input and output controls the sequence of execution of instructions in a program.
    So let us take a look on the above mentioned aspects of the mother of all language “C”.

History of C language:

C is a programming language designed and written by the father of all computer language Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’S Bell laboratories of USA in 1972. In late seventies C started to replace the more familiar languages of that time like ALGOL, PL/I etc. No one can beat C. Till then it was not made the “official” Bell labs language but still without any advertisement policy C became a reputed and the most preferred programming language. Possibly why C seems so popular is because it is reliable , simple and easy to use.Really a language which has been surviving in the industries since decades. A real bother of question always come in mind that although many languages like C++, C# and Java has superseded C but according to me its a misconception.

  • Nobody can learn C++, C#, Java directly.All these languages require the base to formulate the things like classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, inheritance etc. Learning these concepts without knowing C is not my cup of tea.Hence one should first learn the language C and then migrate into other languages.
  • Languages like C++, Java, C# uses Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to organise the program, it will be useless if the basic programming skill is not learnt which involves C.
  • Major parts of all popular operating system is written in C because when it comes to performance nobody can beat C till date. Moreover, if one is to extend the operating system to work with new devices one needs to write device driven programs and these programs are written in C.
  • In todays world all the electronic devices including smartphones, laptops or even the common consumer devices like microwave oven, washing machines, and digital cameras are getting smarter and smarter day by day. This smartness comes from a Microprocessor, an Operating system and a program embedded in these devices. They not only have to work fast but also has to be within limited amount of memory. With these problems on time and space, C is the language choice while building such operating system and programs.
  • You must have seen many 3D games which includes shooting of bullets from guns or a man jumping from the top of the tower very easily, a car running and dragging at a high speed all these features in a game needs a players match of expectation level to react to faster inputs. This is where C language is best and is considered over other languages. It means many popular gaming frameworks has been made with this popular language called as C.
  • Many times it is required to interact very closely with the hardware devices. Since C provides several language elements that makes the interaction possible without compromising the performance, speed, time, space and obviously has to be efficient, then only it will be the preferred choice of the programmers.According to me C is the most versatile of all languages and is really environment friendly in the world of computers it suits from the operating system to memory scripting.I hope that these are very convincing and satisfactory reasons why everyone should adopt C as the first and the very important step in your motive for learning programming language.In my coming blog I am going to tell you about:
    1. How to get started with C
    2. C character Set
    3. Types of C Constants
    4. Types of C variable
    5. C Keywords
    6. How to write your first C Program
    7. Compilation and Execution
    8. C instructionsHope you find this article useful thank you 🙂


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