UIPopOverPresentationController In Swift

UIPopOverPresentationController UIPopOverViewController in swift is writen in swift 3.1 and Use the xcode Version 8.3.2. For use this import the PopOverViewController folder into your project. For using this file create the instance of PopOverViewC class and inherit the  1UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate  : 1  <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> itemPopVC = <span class="hljs-type">PopOverViewC</span>() Add below line of code in your Tapable…

Custom View by use of xib in swift

Custom View by use of xib in swift We can create the custom and common view by the use xib in swift 3.1 and xcode 8.3.2 . Custom views are common and its very good technique for create the effective User interface. There are two ways to custom layout views: building it in interface builder…

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