Dart Introduction Dart is a scalable language that you can use to write simple scripts or full featured apps. Whether you’re creating a mobile app, web app, command-line script, or server-side app, there’s a Dart solution for that.Dart has become a general purpose language that is optimized for web and… Continue Reading Dart Introduction | Dart programming language

Dart Data type Variables can store data of different types, and different data types can do different things. Dart supports the following data types: numbers strings booleans lists (also known as arrays) maps runes (for expressing Unicode characters in a string) symbols Dart String A string is a sequence of characters,… Continue Reading Dart Data type | Dart Tutorail

Dart Libraries Dart has the following libraries, which are included in all Dart platforms: dart:core This library is automatically imported into every Dart program.  The dart:core library provides a small but critical set of built-in functionality. dart:async Asynchronous programming often uses callback functions, but Dart provides alternatives:  Future and Stream objects. A Future… Continue Reading Dart Libraries | Dart Tutorail

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